In Home Private Training

Private training options are an excellent resource if your dog is showing concerns with their behaviors beyond the basic life skills and cues they are taught through foundation training. Concerns such as puppy nipping and biting, growling behaviors, excessive barking, lunging on leash at other dogs or moving items, fear behaviors or other dog related behaviors concerns that prohibit your dog from living a well balanced fulfilled life.


One in home private training consult for one to three topics such as puppy training help or 'adult brush' up behaviors.

Length of time: Each training session is one hour in length.

Cost: Each one hour training session is $135.00 plus GST = $141.75


In home one on one private training session to discuss the behavior concerns, go over the behavior questionnaire together, discuss a training program suitable for you and your dog with length of time to resulve the behaviors and start training that day.

Length of time: 1.5 hours

Cost: Each training session is $202.50 plus GST = $212.63


Three in home private training sessions for a complete behavior training program. Three in home private training sessions. Each training session is one hour in length.

Optimal training one session once a week for three weeks or once every two weeks.

Cost: $130.00 x 3 training sessions  plus GST = $409.50



Welcome to our WALKING AND LEASH MANNERS PROGRAM designed to get you started on leash manners training.

This program will cover walking nice on a leash, engagement exercises, connection training, self control exercises, canine communication and how to use sniffing behaviors as canine mindfulness.

This program is designed for new puppy's and dogs who need some brush up training and connection work training on walks.

This program is once a week for three weeks. Each training session is 50 minutes to 1 hour long. Training sessions take place in front yards back yards and outside.

This program is valued at over $400.00 offered at $300.00 plus GST = $315.00.



Welcome to our PUPPY START PROGRAM designed to get you and your puppy off to the right start. Covering the most popular topics such as house training, kennel training, chewing biting and mouthing, socialization and exposure.

This program is for young puppy's 8 weeks to 6 months of age. One in home private training session once a week for three weeks. Each training session is one hour in length. Includes a variety of training treats, sweet potato chew and a long training lead.

This program is valued at over $400.00 offered at $300.00 plus GST = $315.00.


Private training options via on line is an excellent option to help with canine education and behavio training. Excellent for house training , counter surfing or puppy training.

Length of time: One training session at one hour in length.

Cost: Each one on line training session is $110.00 plus GST = $115.50


All private training options include emailed resources for at home training and follow up progress check in's via email, phone or text. Mix and match to create your optimal training session. Behavior concerns and first puppy visits are ideally suited to starting with a 1.5 hour training session for optimal education and training.

private training outside the perimeter highway

Travel is available outside of the Perimeter Highway: LaSalle, Niverville, Lorette, Ile des Chenes, Ste Anne, Oakbank, Steinbach, East and West St Paul, OakBluff.

Due to the time commitment of travel, outside the Perimeter, training sessions will only be booked in 1.5 hour time spots. There is a $10.00 - $30.00 travel fee pending location.

** Some exceptions may apply such as St. Norbert. Please request additional information and clarification when booking.

Pre-payment via eTransfer is required prior to training consult to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. An information email will be sent with additional information prior to your training session.

Private training is specifically designed for you and YOUR dog(s) needs. No two training sessions are ever alike. We use positive reinforcement training techniques combined with systematic desensitization and counter conditioning for best-long lasting behavior modification. Fancy words for changing your dogs feelings from negative to happy feelings, at their own pace. We will interrupt and redirect to an acceptable behavior. Management training system in place until better behaviors are established.

When working with any dog, we need to OBSERVE your dogs behaviors, IDENTIFY the behavior concerns, understand what your dog is COMMUNICATING to you and build a PLAN on how we can create a feeling of RELIEF for your dog. Take the time to prioritize you dog training GOALS. The SMALLER the STEPS, the greater the SUCCESS.

RELIEF doesn’t happen over night. It takes time, commitment, patience and COMPASSION.

Dog behavior training is best compared to a personal training program, a therapy program or a first session doctor’s appointment. It’s a journey and a process, we learn as we go and adjust when needed.

HOW MANY TRAINING SESSIONS WILL IT TAKE? The simple answer, you will notice improvements in your dogs behaviors as quickly as 2 weeks or even sooner. The truthful answer, it takes as long as it takes.

For each training session, you will understand more pieces of the puzzle to your dogs behaviors. The more training sessions you complete, the more knowledge and understanding you gain..

PUPPIES ARE WHAT WE DO WELL. We specialize in puppy training from 8 weeks of age and on. From house training, kennel training, chewing biting mouthing behaviors, counter surfing, nipping, exercise requirements, house set up with kennel and bowls, to socialization and exposure, creating relationships with kids and dogs.

Positive Reinforcement

Use of positive, desirable or pleasurable consequences to teach a behavior. An example is offering a dog a reward, such as a treat or toy for an acceptable behavior. 

Systematic Desensitization

Training plan designed to change a dog’s response to an upsetting scenario by breaking it into small pieces that do not trigger a fear response in the dog. The goal is to teach the dog to tolerate the situation without getting upset or anxious.

Classical Conditioning

Repeated pairings of a neutral stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus generates the unconditioned response, or one which requires no specific training. For example, the smell of food (an unconditioned stimulus) may cause a dog to salivate (the unconditioned response). Over time, the dog may learn to associate the sound of a wrapper or can opener (a neutral stimulus) with the food and may begin to salivate when he hears the noise (the unconditioned response). Eventually, the can opener or wrapper sound becomes a conditioned stimulus, one that elicits a consistent response. 


To turn a dog’s focus away from an unwanted behavior as an intervention to stop the unwanted behavior. From there, the dog can be redirected to an acceptable behavior.


Controlling the environment so that the dog doesn’t have an opportunity to rehearse an unwanted behavior. For example, a management strategy for a puppy who chews on furniture is to keep him in a gated, dog-proofed area away from furniture.

We will educate you on the reasons why dogs do what they do, and what we can do to decrease the strength of the behavior in conjunction with how often the behavior occurs, until the behavior is extinct and has been replaced with another more suited and acceptable behavior.


Ending a behavior by removing reinforcement. For example, a dog barks to get his person’s attention; if the person ignores the dog while he is barking, removing the reward of attention, that behavior ceases to be rewarding and the dog will stop barking. Extinction does not require punishment; instead, it relies on removing reinforcement of unwanted behavior. 

Behavior Questionnaire

Each client is required to fill out TLC's behavior questionnaire, better understanding of the dog's routine and home environment, sleeping and eating habits, behavior problems or training questions.

What to Expect

On your first private training session, your dog's behaviors are being observed as soon as the car is parked and your trainer starts their walk to the house. Is the dog barking at the window? How does the dog behave when a stranger enters the home? Is the dog showing signs of being happy or unsure?

We start training as soon as your trainer enters the home, starting with obervation training. Let's talk about what your dog is communicating to us. Is your dog showing signs of fear, anxiety or stress? Is your dog relaxed to see a new person enter the home? What is your dogs tail communicating to us?

Together, we will sit and talk about what we can do to make things easier for everyone. We go over the questions in your behavior questionnaire together, and discuss what is the best plan for your dog to create a feeling or relief, living a fulfilled life with their family.

Foundation Work

When starting a behavior modification program or any training program, we will assess and work with your dog on their foundation work such as impulse control self-control exercises, eye contact and connection work, 100% resource control in the house. We will work together on relationship building, understanding your dogs breed and breed traits, genetic dispositions and how we can work with your dog.

We discuss canine communication such as stress signals, calming signals and displacement behaviors. Basic training and cued commands such as sit, down, stay/wait, drop it and leave it.

Behavior Modification

We discuss and education of a wide variety of behaviors from your questionnaire, and discuss the different option on how to resolve the problems together. Every dog is different, just like every person is different. Each dog breed has a genetic-make up, each dog will think, process and learn differently from other dogs.

What the owner sees with their eyes and hears with their ears is not quite the problem at hand we really need to modify. Excessive barking, chewing on the leash during walks, getting into everything - are all the symptoms of the problem. We need to dig deeper and figure out the root of the problem and address that. The excessive barking might be caused by fear and anxiety, the chewing on the leash might be caused by stress, getting into everything could be a sign of boredom and not enough mental stimulation.

With a combined effort from the owners, to the dog and the trainer - education and training will lead us to a win-win-win training and behavior modification program.

Need a dog for distraction training or creating positive associations during your behavior modification program? We got one who is happy to help! There might even be a new puppy on the way, excellent for the imprint training program for young puppies!

Keep your training positive. Keep your relationship with your dog intact. Learn and grow together. Take the time to understand each other.

There are many different options to suite a wide variety of needs. Take a ready below for your options and packages.

Zoom Consults Online Live

ZOOM consults work amazing as they can be booked in anytime. Virtual consults are great for: Puppy training and problems such as house training, kennel training, chewing biting and mouthing. Behavior concerns such as digging or counter surfing.

Clients are welcomed to send a video for observation and guidence. We can start with ZOOM and continue in person or vise versa.

Advantages of Training Online

On line training gives us the privilege to provide the transfer of knowledge through the internet.

FLEXIBILITY - Decreased wait time for booking private training and group dog training classes. With on line training private training can easily book in a few days to next day services.

MOBILITY - Any place with an internet connection, on line training can be available through desktop computers, laptops, tablets or phones. Easy accessibility, even when traveling – no missed classes.

EASIER ON THE POCKETS - On line private training and group dog training classes are extremely cost effective and very effective in learning.

SUBMISSIONS - Have a picture of a behavior you want your trainer to see? Captured a video of the behavior? Video and picture submissions are quick and easy.

COMMUNITY - Group dog training classes are live training classes, creating communities where you can meet different people who all have a love for dogs.

DECREASED DISTRACTIONS - On line learning provided less distractions, creating effective retention of information for your dog.

LESS TRAVEL TIME - Decreased travel time and getting ready time, creating more time in your day.

AREA EXPANSION - Opportunity to reach a extensive widespread area.

COMFORT - On line training creates an excellent level of comfort from your own space, decreasing stress and anxiety level.



Trainking consults are easily scheduled during the daytime Monday to Friday, evenings or weekends.


Summer months: Training sessions are booked Sundays.

Fall, winter and spring months: Training sessions are booked during the day Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sundays in the late afternoons, and Tuesday early afternoons.

Payment Options

Pre-payment for your training consult is required. eTransfers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. TLCA has direct deposit.

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