Life Skills Level Two

LIFE SKILLS LEVEL TWO has been completely re-designed over the 2023 year to include canine conditioning work, confidence building, hind end and body awaeness awarness, confidence building and connection training. Each training class will start with discussion and education on canine communication - what your dog is saying to you.

Class Format:

  • One training class once a week for 5 weeks.
  • Each class is 40-45 minutes long.
  • Limited to 8-10 puppies/dogs per training class.
  • This class is for dogs of any age. 
  • Highly recommend any level one training (basic foundation work of sit, down, eye contact and impulse control exercises) before the level two.
  • Vaccines: Two Canine Distemper vaccines (DAPP) and Kennel Cough vaccine (recommended).

Class Description:

  • Connection training with eye contact (keeping your dog focused on you and less on environmental distractions).

  • Body awarness with jump/over work, going around a cone, two on two off a stool, jumping through a hoop.

  • Hind end awareness - Back up or out taught with two different formats.

  • Touch target work - Creating the behavior when your dog take their nose and taps the base of your hand . Excellent re-focus exercise and great for any dog sports. Turn on a light or ring a bell using paw target training. Cross paws with lid target training.

  • Impulse Control/Self Control Exercises.

  • Sit stay and down stay with distance duration and distraction.

  • Socialization/exposure with other dogs and people.

  • Trick training challenges to build core work, stretching and conditioning such as bow and beg, spin left or right and crawl behaviors.

This class is ideal for:

  • High energy and easily excitable dogs

  • Independent breeds such as northern breeds or terriers

  • If you have referred to your dog as “Stubborn” or “Impossible”

  • Small Dogs

  • If you are looking for a class to help sharpen up your dogs listening skills and increase your bond with your dog, I would recommend the Puppy Manners Level Two class.


This class is one class once a week for 5 weeks. Each class is 40-45 minutes long.


Cost for all 5 classes is $150.00 plus GST = $157.50.

Dates and Times

Sunday April 7th at 11:00AM. Last class May 5th.

Sunday May 12th at 11:00AM. No class May 19th or June 16th. Last class June 23rd.


Pre-payment is required prior to your class start date and time to CONFIRM your attendance.

Payment by eTransfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. TLC has direct deposit.


Training classes are held at The St Norbert Community Centre 3450 Pembina Highway.

Behind the skating rink your will find THE BANQUET HALL. Enter through the doors for our over 2500 sqft training room.

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