Daycare Refunds/Transfers and Expiry Dates

Please carefully consider your schedule, commitment to daycare, and your dogs personality before pre paying for 5 or 10 day packages.

  • All prepaid dog daycare packages EXPIRE ONE YEAR FROM DATE OF PURCHASE. NO refunds will be provide after one year from time of purchase. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Once your half day, full day or pre paid 5 or 10 day packages are pre paid they are specific to your dog and are NON TRANSFERABLE to any other dog. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If owners decide and chooses to discontinue daycare at TLC due to a schedule change that cannot meet our drop off and pick up times, dog related injury, dogs age and maturity level or they no longer would like their dogs to attend TLC dog daycare due to behavior problems there is a 100% NO exception non refundable administration fee of $20.00.

For 10 day pre paid stays for single dog full days or half day stays:

  • If 9-6 pre paid daycare stays are remaining (1-4 used): 20% refund including GST.
  • If 5 pre paid daycare stays are remaining (5 have been used): 10% refund including GST.
  • If 4 or less prepaid daycare stays are remaining (6 have been used): 5% refund including GST.
  • If 3 or less are remaining (7 have been used): NO REFUNDS for any pre paid daycare stays will be refunded. Please be aware of this when purchasing pre paid packages for your dog. 

For two dogs where one no longer attends daycare the difference will be calculated based off of pre paid services and divided by two for each dog.

Daycare services are non transferable to grooming services, as our groomer is a subcontractor for their services.

If your dog is showing behavior problems and requires additional private training or group dog training classes before returning to dog daycare all pre paid packages will have an extended expiry of 2 years from date of first pre payment. 

Group Dog Training Class Refund and Rescheduling Policy

Please carefully consider your schedule, commitment to training, and your dog before registering for class. Our class sizes are small to ensure quality over quantity. We offer training classes with 8-10 dogs with one main trainer with a trainer assistant if needed. By enrolling, you are reserving a space in one of our courses and you are holing that specific date and time for that training class.

Please note that group dog training classes are obedience related classes. If your dog is exhibiting certain behavior problems such as reactivity to other dogs, reactivity towards people, stress, anxiety, fear related behaviors or aggression, group training classes may not be the best option for best learning for your dog.


Requests to transfer to another class must be made at least 24 hours before the original class start-date.


To ensure quality, our class sizes are small and your Registration Fee purchases sessions in a specific class. Consequently, we do not offer “make-ups” for missed classes. However, you are welcome to “sit in” on any session without your dog.


All training classes requite a minimum registration of 5-6 dogs for the class to run (depending on the location). In the event a class has low enrolment, we will either call or email you the day before or morning of the class was scheduled to start to let you know there is a possibility the class may be cancelled or rescheduled and to offer you a full refund, or the opportunity to transfer to another class (at no extra cost).

When you register for TLC training classes you are reserving the spot for the class and resources, assuming you will participate in the program. It is our sincere hope that students will not withdraw once they have been accepted into the program, but in the event of unforeseen circumstances, our policy includes the following schedule regarding cancellations and refunds:

1) Full payment is required on the first training class session. This session depending on which class you signed up for may or may not require your dog attending. Payment can be made by cash, check or debit. No credit.

2) Once you are paid, you hold and reserve that sport for you and your dog. Switching classes to another date is not permitted.

3) If a student withdraws or is dismissed from a training class, there is a 100% no exception non refundable administration fee of $30.00. If the student withdraws or is dismissed:

  • After the first training class: A refund of 20% will be granted plus GST
  • After the second training class: A refund of 10% will be granted plus GST.
  • After the third class: No refunds will be granted.

If your dog is not suited for group dog training classes, due to specific behavior problems, private training at owners expense is the best option for the dog. Our goal with group dog training classes is to work your dog in a group environment, socialization with friendly people and friendly dogs, learn new things to practice at home!

Thank you! - Christie (Business Owner/Certified Dog Trainer)