Flat Buckle or clip slide and release collars. We carry a wide variety of the ROGZ slide and release collars!

Be sure these are fit nice a tight, and if your dog is a big puller they might loosen with time.


We highly recommend harnesses that:

  • Keep the shoulders free to decrease restrictive movement decreasing reactive dogs and pain on walks. These types of harnesses are called H STYLE harnesses!
  • Harnesses that fit well and don't rub on the skin, are too tight creating pain or too loose risking escaping dogs.

Harness can clip on the front, back or both! Picture below of a perfect example of the Balance harness H STYLE Harness!

At TLC we carry a wide variety of H STYLE harness from Rogz and Blue -9 Pet Products the Balance Harness!

Here are the ROGZ Harnesses:

Here is a fantastic video on how the Balance Harness works:

Not to sure on which Harness is best, take a look at this great article on harness reviews:


For training we recommend a 5-6 ft leash! We are fully supplied with the Rogz leashes and the Blue -9 Pet product versatile leash!

Here is a fantastic video on how the Balance Leash works:

In training with dogs, please NO flexi/retractable leads, or chain linked leads, NO choke chains/pinch collars/chock collars. If you attend training classes with unacceptable equipment, we will kindly switch it out for another acceptable collar or leash for training classes.