Owner and Dog Trainer

Christie Golebiowski started her dog training career in 2004, with one on one in home training. 

Christie continued to grow the business with one, group dog training class starting in September 2008. Today Christie offers eight group dog training classes, ranging from obedience related to specialty training classes.

An additional business expansion with doggie daycare started March 2013.

Also, Christie started to offer boarding an boarding with training in August 2014.

Christie uses positive reinforcement techniques to train dogs using treats, verbal praise, toys and petting to achieve the desires behaviors we are looking for with our canine friends.  Her training classes are fun and family orientated.  She trains dogs based on trust and communication and stressing the importance of eye contact, socialization and prevention of behavior problems.  Our canine friends have become part of our families, lets teach them the rules of the house and stop punishing them for being dogs. We chose to provide them with a good life. We provide them with shelter, food, companionship and love. In return they provide us with joy, happiness and above all loyalty.


Christie has many years of experience with dogs including:

  • Volunteer work for an animal hospital in 1997.
  • Animal hospital from 2001-2009. Work positions varying from veterinary assistant to receptionist.
  • Dog walker and doggie sitter for various breeds. This was done in the evening, which also included over night sleepovers for families out of town.
  • Christie has also volunteered a portion of her time to training the rescue dogs at Darcy’s Animal Rescue Shelter in 2010.


  • Graduate with honors from the Veterinary Assistant course at Robertson College in 2000
  • Graduate from Animal Behavior College Correspondence Course in Northridge, California in 2004. This course included three months of hands on training in Winnipeg. This course also provided Christie with her Dog training Certificate and ‘ABCDT’ initials after her name.
  • Graduate from the Canine Communications Studies Comprehensive Canine Behavior Therapy Course from Waterloo, Ontario.  This correspondence course was complete in 2007. This gave Christie her knowledge and certificate in Canine Aggression and Behavior Problems. Final initials of ‘Cb.ccs’ were added with her name.
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Profession Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT)
  • Member o f the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
  • Brenda Aloff Aggression and Modification Seminar December 2008
  • Helix Fairweather and Megan Cruz seminar May 2009
  • Turrid Rugaas seminar June 2017.
  • Empowered Dog: Creating Canine Connection with the International Dog Trainers Winter Summit December 2020. This summit included over 20 workshops ranging from 1-2.5 hours including speakers such as Ian Dunbar, Moira Hechenleitner, Michael Shikashio, Bob Baily, Irith Bloom and Steve White.
  • Victoria Stillwell: Separation Anxiety and Canine Confidence Building Workshop December 2020
  • Victoria Stillwell: Dog Behavior Conference Ultimate On line Event April 16-18, 2021
  • Pandemic Puppies Webinar: Finding Harmony in the Future February 2021
  • Sarah Whitehead Learn to Talk Dog: Three Module Training Course February 2021
  • Blue Print to a Happy Dog: Norma Jeanne Laurette and Greg Caci
  • Private Paws: Greg Caci
  • Canine Queries: Norma Jeanne Laurette and Greg Caci
  • Multiple additional books and DVD in her home library

Dog Training Area of Expertise and High Knowledge Include the following dog related topics:

  • Pre-puppy coming home consults such as house set up, equipment and supplies required, questions on leashes collars treats and other new puppy related topic questions. 
  • Working as one individual or as a family unit or two person team on bonding and connecting with your dog. 
  • Puppy socialization and exposure including imprint and learning stages of your dogs brain.
  • Puppy and adult dog basic training and commands such as basic and advanced skills.
  • Decreasing and eliminating puppy problems before they become difficult problems into adulthood.
  • Puppy and dog behavior problems such as jumping on people, counter surfing, digging, come when called/recall training, house training, kennel training, chewing/biting and mouthing.
  • Behavior problems such as leash pulling, lack of connection with your dog, decreased listening skills.
  • Strong forte and understanding of arousal levels and over excitement levels in dogs.
  • Strong knowledge in fear and fear related behavior problems with other dogs, people, cars, walking. 
  • Strong knowledge on canine communication such as calming signals, stress signals, displacement behaviors.
  • Working with kids and dogs, setting ground rules of the house, working together as a team and family unit.
  • Skills on proper meet and greets with other dogs, how to decrease canine conflicts. 
  • Skills and knowledge on if another dog is right for you, which breed too choose, when is the right time.
  • Understanding dog play, play reversal, calming signals, communication to watch for to decrease conflict, play consent. 
  • Separation anxiety vs bored dog.
  • Resource guarding in puppies with food, sleeping spaces, people.  

A personal message.....

Why choose us? What sets us apart from the rest? Why bring your beloved family member to TLC? What makes us different?

I look at every dog that comes in through the TLC doors if it were my dog. With my education, if this dog was placed in my hands today, what could I do to make things easier, and create happiness for this dog? What can I do to decrease this dogs arousal levels, stress levels and anxiety levels? I can educate you on what I know, and together we can come up with a great plan to make things easier for your dog. 

If your dog is coming to my daycare and is showing signs of stress for long periods of time, or not having any fun playing with fur friends, or is showing unfriendly signs to people or other dogs, I need to tell you about it. If your dogs arousal levels are too high for learning in a group dog training class, and I think private training is a better option than group classes, I am going to let you know this. If your dog is struggling to learn new things, I am happy to help and educate where I can.

It might hurt a little. You might not enjoy hearing it. But it's my job to let you know. Why? Because I have to sleep at night knowing I did what I could with my education to help your dog. 

I can also tell you I wear my heart on my sleeve. Yourself or myself might shed a few tears in talking together about just plain old stuff in life. And that's OK.

In my continued learning over the years I have found this statement to be true. PUNISHMENT DOES NOT TEACH. It's just that simple.

Punishment will stop the behavior, there is no question about it. But, at what cost to the relationship to your dog? If it doesn't feel right in your gut, even if you were told to do it by a reputable veterinarian, a friend who has owned dogs for 20 years, a TV show or internet blog you just read - JUST DON'T DO IT.

I specialize in puppy training, starting at home time at 8 weeks of age, setting up your home environment for best success, and decreasing and or eliminating behavior problems forming strength into adulthood where it takes much longer and more time to uninstall. Working hard together on understanding communication with your puppy, socialization and exposure into their new world ahead, being kind and patient, and consistent. 

I have always based my training with dogs on connecting and relationship first, training second. If you have used outdated training techniques, especially during the early years of your dogs puppy hood, then we might have damaged the relationship with your dog. Then when its training time, your dog wont work for you - perhaps because they don't trust you.

Positive reinforcement dog training is also known as reward based training, science based training, pain free/force free training. Bottom line is giving your dog a reward when they respond to a behavior you like, then the behavior repeats itself because your dog learns that good things happen when they do something you like.

If you are looking for increasing the relationship with your and your dog, building mutual trust and respect, using praise and rewards, food luring techniques, keeping your hands off and not forcing them into behaviors, teaching your dog the best way you can by understanding how they learn - then I am the training school and doggie daycare for you. That is how simple it should be. Together we can do this. 

Looking forward to meeting you! - Christie Golebiowski Business Owner and Certified Dog Trainer 


Christie takes pride in her two dogs Amaya (Akita) and Casper (Border Collie). Amaya came into our home September 2014 at the age of 10 months. A sweet girl, with a sensitive personality. She is very lovable, everyone who meets her - just loves her. Casper came into our home at 8 weeks of age, he is one of the most challenging puppies I have every raised. He has challenged me both professionally and personally, I am humbled by what I have learned with him.  Christie has raised four dogs with her spouse and daughter, both have that second nature love for animals. In her spare time she enjoy running and has completed multiple Half Marathons and 5K events ranging from the Manitoba Half Marathon, to the Rock and Roll Marathon in Las Vegas Nevada. You will find her in the summer months planting Lily flowers, enjoying gardening plucking carrots and eating strawberries. Christie enjoys photography with sun dogs, sun sets and sun rises on the Prairie Sky and enjoys spending time at St. Vital Park.