Winnipeg Dog Training School and Canine Education Center

Training Loyal Companions is a positive reinforcement, family orientated dog training school located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We provide quality dog training and behaviour modification training to the Winnipeg area.


Our Dog Training Mission Statement

To provide exceptional dog training, in a dog friendly clean environment. With professional supervision, Training Loyal Companions will detect and help eliminate behavior problems in your canine. Providing informational skills on communication and socialization will result in a confident, intelligent, well balanced happy dog. We train your dog based on connection, mutual trust and respect creating an unbreakable bond with your best friend.

-Creating communication between dogs and humans, one paw at a time.


Brook Lynn August 28, 2006 - February 19, 2019

Brook. Brookie. Bookers. Book Wyn. Book. Crazy Toes.

In November 2006, a quick day drive to Grand Forks, it was then I became a puppy owner for my first time. Does this fluff ball belong to you she asked. Yes that’s mine. I took her out of her kennel, felt her paws wrap around me tight, this is how we met. This is how our adventure began.

From The Forks, to St Vital Park, from City Life to Country life. We traveled together. Day after day. We stood strong together. Brook was easy to love, she made many friends along the way, captured the hearts of everyone she met. She truly was just the best.

Through our years together we also dabbled in agility and competitive obedience, Brook quickly told me she was happiest as a companion dog. And that she truly was.

She loved chasing the water stream from the hose, keeping the fire sparks in line and chillin in her dog house, of which was only shareable on rainy days. Day after day, we stood strong together. Year after year, she stood by my side.

Brook Lynn. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you enough. For everything you taught me along the way. For every time you were there for me when I was in pain. It truly was my honour to know such an amazing dog.

In the words of Haleh on Abby Lockhart’s last ER shift. We are going to miss you so damn much.