Not On My Watch

Blog Posting Number Two


On any other given work day, I would have driven the exact same route into the City. Except, this one particular day. This one day of the entire year, I didn’t have a choice. Part of the highway I normally drive - was closed - prompting a new travel route.

As my drive continues in the early morning hours, I arrive at a set of stop lights. I wait for red to green. I look to my left. There runs from side to side frantically a medium sized tan colored dog and terrified owner on the boulevard - with dog weaving in and out of traffic and boulevard to road and back - unable to be captured.

There is no way. He won’t catch this dog. He’s panicked. He's frustrated. He’s chasing him and swatting to capture. I see the worry in both their eyes. From my car sitting and now blocking traffic, I open my window and ask - do you need help? A quick frantic reply - yes.

I click my four way lights on, shift the car in park. I jump out of the car, treat bag in hand - ready for the task at hand.

I walk toward the dog and his owner, I create my treat bag the best thing in the whole wide world. I shake it. Open it. Make it crinkle. When the dog is looking - open the bag and pour an entire handful into my hand, walking toward the dog with happy - look what I got - exciting words and as calm as a disposition as I possibly could, given the situation.

So here we are. A frantic owner. A panicked dog. No collar. No leash. A dog trainer. A bag of treats.

I know deep down, we have one attempt. I have been here before. A few times. We only have one opportunity to capture this dog. Let’s make this happen.

Dog in front.  Owner on my right. I get as close as I can get to the dog. Crouch down. Stay calm. No sudden movements. Happy voice. Treats in hand. He’s thinking. He’s processing. He’s get closer. And a little closer. Leaning backwards ready to flight at any second. He gets close enough where he starts to cautiously eat the treats from my hand.

The time is now. Go. The owner quickly grabs the dogs back legs. This dog saw it coming. He knew from the start. The difficult wiggle struggle starts between canine and human, it only lasts a few seconds when the owner was finally able to get a better hold on the dog and with both arms pulled him into his chest with a hard grip.

He’s got him. He turns toward me. Thank you. You’re welcome. His day continues on. My day continues on. We go in our separate directions.

Not today dog. Not on my watch. 


Blog Posting Number One - Written in Casper's honor - Don't Wait For Perfect


Why. Why do we wait. For the perfect moment. For everything to align. For the timing to be just right.


I wanted to wait. To get her out of her life jacket for better quality pictures. I wanted to wait. Maybe next year, I will have more time. I wanted to wait. Maybe next time, I can see if someone will come with me. I wanted to wait. For the sky to be fuller in color. I wanted to wait. Until she was jumping further off the doc. I wanted to wait. Next time I will be in a better head space. I wanted to wait. Money is a bit tight now right and it’s not in the budget. I wanted to wait. 


A last minute afternoon decision, I decided - I am not waiting. The time is now. After a long full day, I showed up at doc for sun set photos. My head was spinning. My heart was in pain. My eyes filled with tears. Questioning my decision to come at all. 


I got out of the car, walked towards the doc where many were standing. There stands another lady with two Aussies. We talked. Got to know each other. Our dogs are from the same breeder. She was in the middle of a move. I told her of my sudden dog loss just a few days earlier. I cried a few tears. From someone I just met minutes before - hugs were offered - and greatly accepted. 


I decided to head down for the sun set photos, even though through my eyes - it wasn’t exactly the way I wanted it. It wasn’t perfect. I just wanted to change up these four walls. I needed the distraction. To be with others who love their dogs as much as I do.


Here’s the thing. You can always make more money. You can always buy more clothes. You can always purchase another pair of shoes. You cannot receive more time. Time. One of the most precious valuable overrated forgotten about four letter words. Easy to lose and never get back. When you lose time, it has a wonderful way of showing you what really matters. 


Make every second count. Dogs enter into our lives creating fulfillment, happiness and immense joy beyond words can ever truly even try to express. In the blink of an eye, here today - gone tomorrow. Tomorrow is never promised. Don’t wait for perfect. 





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