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Do you dream of a career working with dogs as a professional dog trainer? Do you own a dog and want to connect with your canine companion? Are you looking to add a dog to your life? Do you work in the dog industry and looking for continued education in the canine world?

Training Loyal Companions Academy Certified Dog Trainer Program is an excellent online program in Comprehensive Canine Training and Canine Education providing the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

TLCA has been recognized as one of the Top Three Best Rated Dog Trainers in Winnipeg from 2019-2022, a member of the Australian Shepherd Club of Manitoba, the Canadian Kennel Club and a member of the Canadian Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

  • Connection

    - A relationship that emerges as a result of successful built relationship

  • Educate
    • - Using up to date reward-based training techniques effectively used in small steps to create progress leading to success.

  • Communication

    - The understanding of each others needs both human and canine.

  • Relief

    - To provide comfort, well being and understanding of our canine companions.

  • Trust

    - By exploring the practice of consistency, compassion and communication creating a relationship build on mutual trust and respect.

Why choose Training Loyal Companions Academy Dog Trainer Certification Program?

  • Practices positive reinforcement training techniques and connection-based training to teach your dog desired behaviors. Choice based training, practicing being present with your dog.

  • Personal Accomplishment - With a TLCA Dog Trainer Certification, you know you have educated yourself on up-to-date modern positive training techniques.

  • Independent Certification - Proves your education and accomplishments with qualifications increasing the chances of hiring a true certified Professional Dog Trainer.

  • Flexibility - Create your own schedule. Certification used in a wide variety of canine careers. Every day is different, no two dogs are ever alike.

How Does it Work?


Canine Education and Resources

Once you sign up, your continuing education and certification process begins. You will receive your WELCOME PACKAGE and FIRST canine education module. Once each module is completed, you will have a test to complete and be marked before sending the next module.


Video Testing Submission

A step-by-step video submission on how you are communicating and teaching your dog a new behavior. A total of three video submissions for three seperate behaviors are required. A list of behaviors you can teach your dog will be sent, you will have the options to choose three of the pre-selected dog behaviors.


Hands on In Person Training

Attending a dog training school of the student’s choice (selected training school MUST be accepted by your canine educator), for TWO sets of group dog training classes.

Observation - One set of group dog training classes will be observation for education and experience.

Participation - The second set of group dog training classes the student will be taking their dog to participate with a dog of your choice in the classes for hands on training experience.

Once completed the two sets of group dog training classes, your training instructor will submit their observation and evaluation forms to your canine educator.


Testing your knowledge

Once all the canine education modules are completed, the THREE video submissions and hands on in person group training - you will receive your final exam for completion.



Once the student has passed their final exam, your Certified Dog Training certificate will be mailed. You will have earned the following letters after your name Training Loyal Companions Academy - Certified Dog Trainer (TLCA-CDT).

This Program Includes:

  • Three month mentorship program incluing both group dog training class and in home private training observations.

  • Access to TLCA lending library including reading material and training videos.

  • Canine education resources and continued support through email phone text or Social Media.

  • 100% at home study program to be completed at your own pace.
  • Monthly one hour ZOOM meetings with your Canine Education Consultant and other students.

  • Access to our student TLCA Certified Dog Trainer private Facebook account.

Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready for your next life adventure? Are you ready to make a difference?

The time is NOW. Be the change we NEED you to be. Be the change dogs HOPE you would be.

Training Loyal Companions Academy Certified Dog Trainer Program Available NOW - April 2023.


Full Course COST IS $1,500.00


Course starts ANYTIME when you are ready!

Price increase to $1,200.00
June 1st, 2024

When you complete the Training Loyal Companions Academy Certified Dog Trainer Program, you will be a Certified Dog Trainer. You will feel confident in the skills you have learned, earned the knowledge and education to connect both canine and human with the ability to expand on your career to a wide variety of different levels including dog training.

** GST not included in price

Payment Options

There are multiple options for payments for your Dog Trainer Certification Program including payment in full and the option of two, four or six payment plan options.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call/text 204-794-5456 for your FREE information package and course syllabus.

Have Questions?

Want to meet to discuss, let’s set up a FREE 15-minute ZOOM consultation for questions and answers and open discussion on the training course.

Additional Canine Certification Courses

Training Loyal Companions Academy Dog Trainer Certification Program is the first to be offered with additional Canine Certification Courses coming 2023/2024:

  • Compressive Puppy Training Certification Program
  • Canine Behavior Training Certification
  • Canine Over Arousal and Relaxation Certification

Request to be placed on the email list for future Certfication Courses.

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