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  • Group Dog Training Classes, One on One Training, Puppy Play Groups, Day Care, Training Workshops

    Christie, you are amazing! I cannot thank you enough for your warm and encouraging teaching style. Right from the beginning with Puppy Manners One and Puppy Manners Two, you taught me how to create a positive training environment for my little Bulldog puppy Tallulah and achieve consistently successful outcomes. And your workshop on managing and understanding jumping and greeting behaviors was invaluable not to mention timely. Having just completed the who's walking who? course Miss T walks beautifully on a loose leash and our walks are a pleasurable bonding time. You have so much knoledge about dog behaviour and communication that you generously shared in our classes and workshops with all of us. I always felt comfortable asking you questions and appreciated your genuine interest in how Talulah was doing. After your explanations I found these positive techniques were easily transferable later on to more challanging behaviors such as sitting still so I could put eye drops in her eyes. (Not a Bullie favorite). Through your focus techniques and positive reward techniques Tallulah has grown into a loving, gentle, enthusiastic and very engaged fur kid. We are so fortunate to have you here in Winnipeg.

    Sharon Alward, Tallulah and Buster
  • First Meet and Greet with Dog and Owners
    I have to tell you, when I read the information on the Reactive Dog class, I wanted to yell: "take my money!!" We would love to be a part of this class. I think it would be the training we need in order to help Kismet work through what's going on for her. 
    On another note, I wanted to share with you that I felt a sense of relief after meeting with you the other day. Helping Kismet work through her leash reactivity and issues with visitors has been stressful (for me especially). Coupled with the loss of our other girl and trying our best with Kismet, I have not felt myself despite our efforts. Even though we only chatted for a bit, I really appreciated your honesty, sense of care, and for the first time, I truly felt like I was heard and you like you "got it". I feel like this is the beginning of that "north star" we have been needing. THANK YOU. 
    We learned within that short meeting and left saying to each other: "that made so much sense" . We are so excited to learn and put in the work to better understand Kismet and help her work through her emotions. I have already been talking to her differently while we are out on our walks - "those are doggies too, just like you. See? They are calm. Great job being calm too Kismet!" and I swear she is picking up on the "it's not a big deal" vibe I am trying to give off.
    Amanda, Braydon and Kismet
  • Reactive Dog Training Class

    I first just want to say THANK YOU for the Reactive Dog class. We learned a lot and were excited to practice with Kismet. I am keeping AJ's voice in my head of "we aren't looking for perfection, we are looking for progress" and I do feel like we are seeing progress with Kismet! She is a far cry from perfect but her threshold is getting better, the distance slightly less, and her re-direction/correcting after an outburst is a fraction of what it used to take. We are continuing to work hard on knowing what kinds of things may stress her more than others and being appropriately reactive ourselves. We are "upping the ante" by playing the impulse-control and distraction games out on our walks, and around things that may be a bit distracting. We also introduced a squeaky ball and that has been a game changer for us! We are continuing to talk her through what's going on, staying calm ourselves, and rewarding and reading situations as they come. I am having more "ah that was a good walk" days rather than "I can't do this anymore!!!"

    Amanda, Braydon and Kismet
  • Daycare and Boarding

    I just want to relay how happy I am that y’all instituted the in home boarding program. Boeing has been staying with his Auntie Trista for well over a year now and I’m so grateful we can still have him board with her and enjoy TLC when we go away. She takes care of him like he’s her own, and I wouldn’t have him stay anywhere else. I’d also like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with your daycare and all your staff. Boeing has done GREAT with the switch to TLC. I can tell that everyone loves him, and he loves coming to daycare. Thanks again for running such an awesome place where I know Boeing is having fun, and getting lots of love.

    Sheri and Boeing
  • Private Training

    It was great to meet with you and your insight was invaluable. We realized that although we had changed the 'spare the rod spoil the child' when we were raising our kids that we had reverted right back to it when training the dog. We started immediately in the car, rather than keeping her in the back seat by pushing her with a stern 'back' we just used treats to lure her into the back with a treat and a gentle 'back seat'  and then treats for sitting quietly. The kids are totally on board and we all feel kind of bad for stressing the dog out so much but there is already a noticeable change in her. The idea that we lure her into the appropriate behavior with a treat rather than yelling and pushing is a total game changer, we're obviously still figuring it out but she'll do anything for a treat we just need to let her know what it is that we want her to do. I never knew that she was that treat motivated. Luring with treats works absolute wonders when she's bothering the cat. We have noticed that she doesn't really 'shake off' like a wet dog, but she does roll around and stretch on the floor to release her stress so we have been recording that.  I imagine that a standing shake would be more effective in situations outside the home, but we'll work on that later. I could notice this morning that her stress face lines had really reduced. We were looking at pictures of her from when she was a puppy and noticing situations where she had stress face and her ears were back and where she was more relaxed. 

    Rhonda and Ringo
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Training Workshops, Off Leash Play Time
    We met up with our dog's litter mate tonight. It was very cute. His owner was wanting to get a picture, but didn't think we could. I said no problem. I said to the dogs sit, stay, look and they were ready. We did get the picture, I walked away from it more thankful to you than ever. So glad we put them in training at such a young age.
    Charlene with Vader and Leia
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Grooming, Daycare

    We absolutely LOVED Boat's last grooming! She is so adorable and it has been much easier to maintain her fur with the trim! Huge shout out to the groomer who did such an amazing job!!  She has been thrilled to be back at daycare and we've noticed her behavior at home relaxing a bit since she has been able to expel so much energy while at daycare. Thank you so much for all you do!

    Sarah and Boat
  • Group Dog Training Classes and Doggie Daycare

    We just wanted to thank you for the great TLC service. Since the move, unfortunately it has become a bit hard for us to drop off Hazuki and pick her up between our schedule and TLC schedule. Last Friday, Jeffrey had a day off and we decided to take her to TLC. She was so excited to see the morning attendant and we were also glad to see some familiar faces. As we could see on the FB photos, she enjoyed her stay and she came home so tired (meaning she had a super exiting day). TLC gives good care and close attention to each dog, and keeps all dogs really busy. As you can imagine, we sometimes have to take her to another place but she does not act the same way. When she goes to TLC, she knows she goes not because people are busy but it is a treat for her. Only thing she asks us is if you are going to be around....so she knows she has to really behave in front of her teacher. We just wanted to thank you for providing a great daycare and great staff. We can only hope selfishly you will have another location close by.

    Akiko, Jeffrey and Hazuki
  • Group Dog Training Classes

    I am so proud of George. Seeing his improvement with only the second puppy class is gratifying, to say the least. I was actually worried, the first day, that we wouldn't be welcome to participate. Neither George, nor I, was quite prepared for his initial reaction around large dogs. I know he has had some experiences that probably scared the hell out of him before he came into rescue and I want, so badly, for him to feel safe and confident in all situations.
    Our dogs are family in this house. It was sad to think that George may be left out of the adventures that Tony enjoys, because of his anxiety levels. But now, all I feel is hope that he will enjoy a full life of adventures outside of our home. I'm very grateful that good places like this exist, to help dogs (and their owners. Especially their owners). Training Loyal Companions is such an awesome training center, thanks Sharon for the recommendation. I see why you speak so very highly of them! They are helping immensely with developing the confidence of George AND his humans

    Coral and George
  • Group Dog Training Classes and Training Workshops

    I had to send you a message to tell you about Haley! We entered a dog show at Winnipeg Beach on Sunday, it was judged by a CKC judge from Winnipeg. We entered obedience and won 1st prize!!!! We did impulse control & sit/stay/come. The judge came over and said he was very impressed!!!! He asked her age, very surprised she was only 15 months. There were 100's of people and at least a 100 dogs! I was so proud of Haley! She aced everything and was focused even with all that going on! THANK YOU so much for your training expertise Christie! It sure works great for Haley and I.

    Alison and Haley
  • Group Dog Training Classes

    After finishing your Puppy Manners Level One class, I think TLC will be seeing a lot of Gaston in the future. Diane's love for dogs was the most inspiring part of the class. Her energy carried the class and one hour went by always too fast. Her ability to control my own dog better than me was hard to take at first, but highly admirable of course, she really has a way with dogs!

    Nick and Gaston
  • Puppy Manners Level Three

    This has been the best class for Nikki. We have made the most progress from any class or personal trainer yet in this class. It was flexible enough to let her participate despite her challenges, and she managed to be able to work right into the group. We have seen her stop reactive (>90% of the time) to things that are not dogs (adults, kids, bikes, skateboards, cars etc). She has also made progress with other dogs. She still reacts but we can stop a reaction and regain control of her which was not possible before.

    I would recommend this for other dogs like Nikki. I'd like to go on the waiting list to have her participate again in the future. I think with a bit more maturity, she'd be able to make even more progress.

    Heather, Slav and Nikki
  • Bringing Baby Home In Home One on One Training
    I just wanted to give you a quick update on Moose & Dexter with Bringing Home Baby. The boys have been phenomenal, the most surprising of all has been Dexter – always checking on her and not scared or anxious with her at all. Moose has been a little unsure, more so when she is crying…but still checks her out.
    We followed your steps and it seemed to work perfectly…no issues from the moment we were all in the house together. We have even noticed other changes in them – on our walks and with other people…almost like the baby has calmed them down or made them grow up. We walked them with the stroller when school was letting out and not a peep from the two of them with all those young kids running around. Making some good strides.
    Thanks again for all the guidance – it's been way less stressful!
    Danielle Walls with Dexter and Moose (and new baby arrival)
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Daycare, Off Leash Play Time, Training Workshops

    Thank you for loving Gatsby. Thank you for playing hours of fetch, tug of war and puppy push up competitions! Our lives were truly enriched by Gatsby and we hope he enriched yours too. Christie - You have a team of only the highest caliber of professionals. Dealing with you all has been such a pleasure and we cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Gatsby and for us! Dionne - You have truly found your calling, the dogs LOVE you, especially Gatsby. Thank you. Dimi-Your tireless energy is truly a match for Gatsby. If Gatsby could talk, he would definitely say "That Dimi, he's one heck of a guy, I love playing with him". Christie-Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Katie, Matt and Finn
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Training Workshops, Off Leash Play Time and Doggie Daycare

    Congratulations on the first year anniversary of TLC doggie daycare. Christie, your puppy manners classes were awesome! Your daycare is a Godsend! My pup loves daycare I think as much or more than he loves home! This is 100% because of the loving awesome staff!

    Jaime and Bozley
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Doggie Daycare

    I just wanted to send a quick THANKS to you and your staff at TLC. Watson is having a great time going to daycare! He is so happy and also (slightly) less excitable when meeting other doggies on his walks. Thanks so much for having him and for the attention and care he receives.

    Kathy and Watson
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Doggie Daycare, Off Leash Play Time

    1) Thank you for all the care you have provided to Chloe! We appreciate your professionalism and hard work you do to make TLC the success it is.

    2) We are so grateful for your professionalism and dedication towards dogs. We are so happy with the care she receives and appreciate all your hard work that makes TLC a success. We wish you continued success in the New Year.

    3) I trust you and your staff SO MUCH. I discovered that having trust in the care Chloe receives completely outweighs convenience in location. I am happy to tell you Chloe will remain a regular client at TLC for as long as you will have her! I really want you to know that the care you give Chloe is outstanding and how your staff interacts with her and are genuinely happy to see her is so appreciated by me and Chuck. And I want to thank you with deep sincerity. I am so incredibly grateful our paths have crossed. 

    Jan, Chuck and Chloe
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Doggie Daycare, Off Leash Play Time

    Thank you once again for all the love and care you have given to my fur kids! They love coming to daycare and look forward to it every week. They had an excellent time out at your place in September and I felt good knowing they would be well cared for!

    Lindsay, Mike, Fae and Jimmy
  • Group Dog Training Class and Off Leash Play Time

    You were such a tremendous help to me when the aggression first started. I will always believe (know) that you are one of those special people who read puppies and dogs like very few people do. Thank goodness for your Sunday afternoon puppy play dates because you taught me so much about Elwood before he became that "Mr. Hyde" dog!

    Meridel and Elwood
  • Donations to Manitoba Mutts

    Thank you so Much for your generous donation to Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue in support of our upcoming auction! We would not be able to do what we do without the help of people like you.

    Manitoba Mutts
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Doggie Daycare and Boarding

    Thank you so much Christie for taking such good care of Duncan while we were away for the weekend. I appreciate the updates and photos you gave us throughout our time away. I'd recommend you and TLC daycare/training classes to everyone! It's all been great. Dimi and Dionne are great daycare attendants and we had a great time with Diane in puppy class. Thanks to you all!

    Daphne and Duncan
  • Group dog training classes and training workshops

    Christie's classes are enjoyable for both the dogs and their owners. The training techniques are highly effective and easy enough for the whole family to understand.The dogs are enthusiastic participants in the learning process because of her positive reinforcement techniques.

    Brenda and Ziggy
  • Group Dog Training Classes

    Roxie and I had a blast at class. Diane is a wonderful instructor, gentle and funny. Roxie ate up the attention she received. The hour flew by. I look forward to taking the rest of the classes.

    Kim and Roxie
  • One on one in home training consult and group dog training classes

    Training Loyal Companions is great! Christie trained us to train our dog. We got Lucy, our American Bulldog, knowing full well that she would grow to be strong & drivey with the potential to be very a stubborn dog. Being new dog owners, Christie came to our home and broke down the training process for us so we could understand Lucy’s behaviour better, help her form good habits and stop bad ones before they became a problem. With the TLC program we watched Lucy respond to positive reinforcement and grow to become an obedient, focused and calm bulldog. Thanks TLC!

    Corey Savoie and Melanie Osadchuk with Lucy
  • Group dog training classes and training workshops

    The most impressive aspect of Christies class is the positive firm leadership she instills in the owner. The dog just naturally follows. Our pup is a highly energetic dog yet the firm patience she taught US to use in our training of Tunnie has paid off with huge dividends. Walking him is a pleasure and his greeting of guests is no longer a stressful and embarrassing experience for us. Thanks Christie for always having faith in both the owner and the dog, Your kindness and patience seems to empower success in your classes.

    Jim, Deb and Tunnie
  • Group dog training classes and training workshops

    My dog Sabrina is a husky/border collie cross. When she was approximately 4 months old, it was obvious that she was becoming a handful and that I needed to be shown how to become a good dog owner. My daughter told me about TLC and I knew at the first class that we attended that Christie would be able to help us. Christie's lessons are not only fun for both dog and dog owner, but she teaches how to get great results in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Christie and TLC.  I not only use them on my own dogs but I use them on the dogs I foster.

    Carolyn and Sabrina
  • Group dog training classes, training workshops and dog day care

    We absolutely love bringing our dog to day care once a week. Its the highlight of Cosmo's week! The staff are wonderful, friendly and trustworthy. We know she's in good hands! We like hearing about all the activities she does throughout the day and getting a report card when we pick her up!

    Matt, Kelsey and Cosmo
  • Bringing Baby Home training workshop with TLC and Nest Family Center

    The bringing home baby strategy worked perfectly.

    The dogs were having a great time in overnight doggie daycare while we were at the hospital. Before we came home with the baby, I picked up the exausted dogs and got them settled at home. Hillery went in first solo to give them some love and then put them outside. I came inside with the baby and we brought the dogs in one at a time. Nixon (4 years) wagged his tail excitedly but was very calm. Olson (2 years) was tense but not in any way aggressive.

    They both went back outside fo a bit before finally coming together. Nixon immediatly passes out on the couch while Olson was very focused on mom and baby.

    Your course really helped ease this transition and I would strongly recommend all expecting dog owners to take it!

    Graham and Hillery Taylor with Nixon, Olson and new two legged addition to the family Grady
  • Group Dog Training Classes and Day Care

    I really enjoy bringing Astro to day care and training at TLC! Yourself and the other staff are all fabulous - so friendly! Astro loves it and I think day care has helped him learn a lot, he is such a smart puppy!

    Raj Bassi and Astro
  • Group Dog Training Classes and Day Care

    I wanted totake this oppurtunity to thank all of you for taking such good care of Molly when she attends day care. She was quite apprehensive when she first started attending but now she seems to really enjoy it! A special thanks to Lauri - Molly is totally in love with her new Aunt!

    Sharon Nerbas and Allan Fraser with Molly
  • Body Building Class

    I enjoyed the class quite a bit and Murphy progressed nicely from the absolutely crazy dog he was for the first two classes into a much more attentive dog by the end.  He seems to like this type of work.  I thought Diane was a very relaxed trainer who made everyone feel good about both their dogs successes and failures.  As a result, I thought most dogs in the class showed some progress.  It was also a great group of dog owners.  I thought Diane filled the time well and was always available for discussion and questions at the end of class.  She had a focus on making things fun for dogs and owners.  Although I am not sure I have the time in my life to turn Murphy into a competitive agility participant, this class made me interested in doing enough agility to keep Murphy engaged and busy.  It was a joy to watch him 'get it'.

    Sherri and Murphy
  • Body Building Class

    I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed this class. Diane you are a fabulous instructor. So easy going and knowledgable. I loved everything we learned. It was really a great group. Although Heidi didn't like Ruby so much. The only negative is that the class didn't run over a longer period of time. Heidi was ready to keep learning. Thank you for offering this class. Diane thank you do much for your time and effort. Thoroughly enjoyed attending.

    Emily and Heidi
  • Birthday 'Paw'tie

    Thank you and TLC for organizing Hazuki’s birthday party. She looked very happy with the hat and all of her friends. The card and goodies were fantastic.

    Jeffrey and Hazuki
  • Doggie Daycare

    I can’t believe how happy Ginger is to come there! I say “puppy daycare” and she actually comes to me to get her harness put on instead of sitting four feet away from me. Obviously she likes it there!

    Tom and Ginger
  • Doggie Daycare and Group Dog Training Classes

    I wanted to thank you for all your help.  You really ‘got’ us, and I wish that we had found you sooner. You and all the ladies at the daycare were such a nice support and light years better than other daycares we had experienced.  So, thank you for all that you did for us.

    Krista and Ruby
  • Group Dog Training Classes

    I recently had our puppy, Kooper, a Petite Golden Doodle in a Wednesday class with Diane for puppy manners level 1. I just wanted to give you some feed back. We thoroughly enjoyed the class. Diane was a fantastic trainer. She made both the puppies as well as the owners feel right at home the first day. She has a wonderful way with dogs and her love for them is very evident in her interactions with them during the class. I wouldn't hesitate to sign up for another class with her. Kooper loved her!

    Jennifer and Kooper
  • Group Dog Training Classes

    We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Diane in our Puppy Manners Level One class. I can't believe how much, and how well Snowy (and I) learned. Thank you!

    Marianne and Snowy
  • Chewing, Biting and Mouthing Training Workshop

    Thank you for a very informative workshop. I left there feeling more confident in knowing how I could control Daisy's mouthing. The tips helped immediately!

    Deb and Daisy
  • Puppy Manners Level Three
    Puppy Manners Level Three was a really great way to practice real skills in a highly distractible environment. Piper's ability to focus on me and only me was greatly improved. The goose poop was our downfall! Diane was enthusiastic & very supportive, in tune with the dogs' behaviours & body language. 
    Piper, Matt and I enjoyed the training and look forward to more training in the future! 
    Thank you for all your wisdom and help making Piper into our well mannered chocolate friend! We enjoy your classes and look forward to more training in the new year!
    Matt and Jennifer with Piper
  • Puppy Manners Level Three

    I thought the class was great. Diane is very knowledgeable and great with answering any questions. I really like meeting at different locations to get used to interacting with Roxy in a different space. I would recommend it to anyone. 

    Nancy and Roxy
  • In Home Boarding, Doggie Daycare

    Wouldn't want Fonzie to be anywhere else but with you guys, when he's not with us!

    Lisa and Fonzie
  • Doggie Daycare

    I just wanted to let you know how much I REALLY enjoyed my time at TLC. So happy I was able to finally come on board. You seriously have a wonderful group of dogs, parents and staff (including yourself!). Being at such a great daycare has restored my interest for caring for dogs in a daycare setting!

  • One on One In Home Training and Doggie Daycare

    Thanks for taking the time to make the video and send it! I so appreciate it. It's very obvious you guys actually pay attention to the dogs as opposed to just letting them run around and ignore them all day! I feel good knowing he is in good hands!

    Vedrana and Lincoln
  • Group Dog Training Classes and Doggie Daycare

    Thanks for all your help and advise you have given us over the last several months training Fae. Its amazing to see how well mannered she has become. She still has a little way to go, but we both feel you have done a great job arming us with the tools we need to make Fae a great doggie citizen!

    Mike, Lindsey and Fae
  • Group Dog Training Classes

    Just wanted to thank you so much for all your positive reinforcements and tremendous patience! We have so enjoyed both puppy manners level one and two and are looking forward to more training in the future with you!

    Leanne and Zeke
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Doggie Daycare

    Thank you for taking such great care of our fur baby! Bailey absolutely LOVES coming to daycare! We appreciate the time and effort you put in to ensure he has fun and stays safe!

    Jim, Eleni and Bailey
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Doggie Daycare

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful experiences Winwood has had at TLC this year! From obedience classes to puppy daycare, you have all been so kind and professional! We LOVE TLC!

    Riley, Melissa and Winwood
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Doggie Daycare

    Thank you for taking such good care of Monty at daycare. He has so much fun with all of his Doodle friends and other dogs. Thank you for providing two informative puppy classes (Level One and Two). We appreciate your knowledge in assisting us to train Monty.

    Bette - Lea, Roger and Monty
  • Private Training, Group Classes, Doggie Daycare

    Thank you to all of you for your guidance, compassion and expertise! All of you have been so helpful with Amber and helping us to find the right partner for Amber. Jasper is the perfect addition to our family and we look forward to bringing him to meet the TLC family.

    Robyn, Scott, Amber and Jasper
  • Group Dog Training Classes, Doggie Daycare

    Words can't thank you enough for starting your amazing company! Trymm loves it so much and we are truly so incredibly lucky to have you all!! 

    Nikki, Mike and Trymm
  • Group Dog Training Classes

    I am so appreciative of TLC. Blitz wouldn’t be the great doggy he is without your classes! 

    Christina and Blitz
    Just wanted to send a quick note to truly, sincerely thank you. In the last six weeks our little Hank has grown so much and my partner and I have been able to develop such a connection and open the lines of communication with our little guy, greatly thanks to your classes. He is learning everyday and we are so excited to continue working with him using your exercises and references.
    Carmen and Hank

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