** COMING SOON! ** Training Loyal Companions is thrilled to announce an amazing program for puppies!

IMPRINT TRAINING is boarding and training with young puppies! They can stay from 8 weeks of age to 12 weeks of age, for one week or four weeks. With pre training puppies before they head home, we set up boundaries and limitations and work at leadership skills.

Bring a puppy home is a lot of work, with house training, kennel training setting up a successful home environment all the while raising a young puppy to be a confident well mannered canine companion.

You choose your puppy, then enroll in the IMPRINT PROGRAM and we start the training for you! With IMPRINT TRAINING, no more questions if you are doing it right, eliminates miscommunication from veterinarians, Google and friends.

We work at kennel training, house training, teaching good bite inhibition (respect of jaws and teeth), socialization and exposure with as many different sounds, sights and feelings.

With this we will also work at basic obedience skills and manners such as sits, downs and recall/come when called.

Training Loyal Companions has over 10 years of service and trained with many different breeds, shapes and sizes of puppies! Puppies and training is what we do best!

For continued success at home, you will be going home with a training manual, uTube videos for visual training,  and have access to three months of FREE email and phone support when your puppy goes home.

We will also set up a one hour training session in your home, to set up a well balanced family and house hold environment for your puppy. With a fenced in back yard, there is lots of opportunity for hour of fun training!

With daily walks, car rides and new adventures, we will be helping to shape out any fear related behaviors to be imprinted to your young puppy at a very young age. We will keep in mind the risks of our adventures with the safety of each puppy with their vaccines.

We will be using positive reinforcement training techniques for training to help connect wit your puppy. Treats, verbal praise, petting, interrupting and redirecting. We think don't punish, teach! Through your puppies time with us, we will also set up and shape clicker training skills!

We provide daily updates through email, with videos and pictures!

Cost for a FULL 8-10 hour day of IMPRINT TRAINING is $75.00 plus GST  = $78.78

Cost for Monday to Friday of IMPRINT TRAINING (puppy home for the weekend) = $365.00 plus GST = $383.25 ($73.00/day)

Cost for each week (7 days) of IMPRINT TRAINING is $500.00/week plus GST = $525.00 ($71.43/day)

Looking forward to meeting you and the new addition to the family!