Training Loyal Companions Grooming and Spa offers a stress free, gentle handing approach to pampering your fur friend! We will use kind gentle methods for bathing and grooming, all the while building our relationship with your dog, working on trust and a mutual relationship built over time of respect. We truly believe in quality over quantity, keeping your dogs grooming experience stress free. 

Your Pet Stylist, at Training Loyal Companions strives to maintain a calm, fun environment for both groomers and dogs.

If its your fur friends first groom, a while since your last grooming appointment, your next timely scheduled groom, or older dog needing some extra care, we are more than willing to work together with you, the dog owner, to make your dog comfortable for the best grooming experience any dog could have.

At Training Loyal Companions Grooming and Spa we offer:

  • Meet and greets with dogs and their families!
  • A warm bath with massage using Natures Specialities products, getting directly to the skin and hair follicles. Making sure to pay attention to difficult areas such as face, paws, tail and tummy areas.
  • Towel dry with high velocity dryer to finish the drying job! This allows all the under coat for double coated dogs to be removed and helps straighten the hair.
  • Nail trimming and filling/dremeling for short nails, paying specific attention to the quicks (vein in the nail). You will no longer hear the tapping of nails on the floors! We will trim fur in between the toes if needed.
  • Ear cleaning and hair plucking (if required).
  • Gentle brush out and dematting offering your dog a cut and style at the owners request!










We are pleased to offer many different finishing techniques:

  • Clipping
  • Scissoring
  • Hand stripping
  • Breed patterns

First Grooming Appointment

Your puppies first grooming appointment should be around the age of three to four months of age! This helps create positive experiences with the grooming room, grooming equipment such as dryer, sprayer hose and nail trimming equipment such as dremmel and clippers......and groomer! We like to take a little extra time with the young fur kids, go at their pace, working together to decrease the stress of the first grooming visit. 

TLC is pleased to offer any FIRST TIME grooming puppies under the age of 6 months 50% OFF ALL GROOMING SUPPLIES including small and large brushes, combs and nail trimmers. 

We can take a few minutes at the end of your dogs grooming experience and show you the dog owner how to use the new grooming tools in a non stressful way for your dog. 

Grooming and Daycare Incentive Program

TLC is pleased to offer your dog a FREE DAYCARE STAY when you book your dogs grooming appointment EVERY FIVE WEEKS! All dogs must meet daycare requirements and pre booking your next grooming appointment upon leaving your first one is recommended to get the day and time spot that works well with you!


Grooming and bathing prices start from $65.00 and increase in cost depending on dogs coat length. matting, size of your dog, and ease of grooming from your dog during their grooming experience. For best pricing, discuss with your groomer your requests for grooming at you meet and greet or grooming appointment!

Additional Services:

  • Face Trim ONLY $15.00 - $20.00
  • Ear Plucking and Cleaning $10.00 - $15.00
  • Nail Trim and File/Dremmel $17.00
  • Matting to be brushed out $1.00 per minute 
  • Severely matting being shaved is starting at $20.00 

** All grooming prices are subject to GST and PST. 

For additional amazing doggie grooming pictures, check out our TLC FB PAGE in GROOMING AND SPA pictures! 

'We just wanted to let you know, once again how pleased we are with Daisy’s grooming!  She is so soft and smells great!  She’s very proud too and is loving all the extra attention! Thanks again!' - Proud Daisy Pawrents

For booking grooming appointments call TLC at 204-794-5456 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.