Our doggie daycare is a fun and exciting environment, well supervised, limited to 30 - 35 dogs each day care stay,with no over crowding! 

By limiting the amount of dogs, we eliminate any dogs sitting in a corner by themselves all day, no excessive barking through the day, individual one on one love and attention for your fur kid.

At the end of the day, you will receive a report card with a fun toy for your dog to play with when they get home.

Training Loyal Companions Doggie Day Care is pleased to offer you:

  • Discounted price for puppies under the age of 6 months!
  • 5 day and 10 day passes!
  • The first Wednesday of every month is SMALL DOGS ONLY under 30 lbs!

Your Doggie Day Care Attendants are:

  • Extremely well educated in canine behaviors and canine communication
  • Able to halt canine conflicts before they become serious
  • Honest and trustworthy

This daycare will be helpful to dogs who are shy, fearful and/or anxious. We will cater to their specific needs by using lots of verbal praise, minimize scary apparatuses, have lots of cozy beds and sleeping stations, kennels for feeling of security with blankets keeping open doors so they can come and go as they please. This daycare is specifically designed to help your shy, fearful and anxious dog come out of their shell, learn to be around and play well with other dogs, learn to be comfortable with people, open spaces and new objects.

Shy, fearful and anxious dogs sometimes do not feel comfortable with human eye contact, as they may perceive this as a threat. During your dogs stay with us, we will work on desensitizing your dog to human eye contact, so they do not think people are threatening. With training loyal companions shy and small doggie daycare, your dog will learn to trust humans and work on the bond between them.

We can also help your dog over come fears and anxieties of ear cleaning, teeth checking at the veterinary clinic, grooming with nail trimming and being picked up. With positive reinforcement, your dog will learn to overcome these fears and anxieties, replacing them with confident behaviors.

The dogs attending the daycare will be selected by size, breed and energy levels. Making sure the dogs attending the daycare are getting the full benefit of their stay.

Owners will need to fill out a questionnaire and contract and agreement prior to attending doggie daycare.

During your dogs stay we will:

  • Play games of fetch, tug with rules and seek and find.
  • Training during their stay with eye contact, sits, down and come when called.
  • Work on rewarding for confident behaviors such as moving forward with play behaviors.
  • Other training you may need will be accomplished during your dogs stay, using positive reinforcement training techniques, treats, verbal praise and petting.

We offer themed months at the dog daycare, featuring new activities every week!

We host doggie birthday 'paw'ties with signed birthday cards and treats to go home, fun filled doggie weddings each year in March, cute Valentines cards for the dogs, Hoppy Easter fun and much more!

Our second annual Dog Wedding! Congrats Gatsby and Eska! Breakfast Televison helped cover this one!



Training Loyal Companions dog daycare and training facility: At our new location at Unit 20-62 Scurfield BLVD offers:

This amazing space offers:

-Over 3000 sqft of MAIN floor space!

Reception Area for:

  • Meet and greets
  • Daycare check ins for the day
  • Discharging tired happy fur friends
  • Double front door entrance for safety and security

-Professional separate space for dog grooming!

-Small dog daycare space!

-Over 1800 sqft of indoor play area!

-Over 800 sqft of outdoor play space!

-Eight reserved parking spots directly outside the front doors during daytime hours, AND full access to the entire parking lot offering over fifty parking spots evenings and weekends!

Puppies Under the age of 6 Months

  • Full day pass $23.00 plus GST = $24.15
  • 5 day full day pass $112.50 = $118.13 ($22.50 per stay)
  • 10 day full day pass $225.00 = $236.25 ($22.50 per stay)

Dogs Over 6 Months of Age

  • Full day pass $25.00 plus GST = $26.25
  • 5 day full day pass $117.50 plus GST = $123.38 ($23.50 per stay)
  • 10 day full day pass $235 plus GST = $246.75 ($23.50 per stay)
  • Monthly Unlimited Day Pass $460.00 plus GST = $483.00 ($23.00 per stay) 

Rates for Two Dogs Full Day (same household)

  • Day pass - $43.00 per day plus GST = $45.15 ($43.00 for two dogs/$21.50 each dog)
  • 5 day pass for two dogs - $175.00 plus GST = $183.75 ($35.00 for two dogs/$17.50 each dog)
  • 10 day pass for two dogs - $350.00 plus GST = $367.50 ($35.00 for two dog/$17.50 each dog)

Rates for Half Day Stay (5 hours or less) - Any age of dog

  • Half day $16.00 plus GST = $16.80

Rates for half day stay passes (5 hours or less)

  • Half day 5 day pass -$80.00 plus GST = $84.00 ($16.00 half day)
  • Half day 10 day pass - $160.00 plus GST =$168.00 ($16.00 half day)
  • Half day two dogs - $28.00 plus GST = $29.40 ($14.00 half day per dog)
  • Half day 10 day pass two dogs - $270.00 plus GST = $283.50 ($13.50 half day per dog)

Late pick up fees

  • $5.00 for each 15 minutes per dog

All prices are subject to GST.

Additional items (included):

  • Eye contact desensitization: Included in your dogs stay
  • Rewarding for confident behaviors: Included in your dogs stay
  • Rewarding for canine calming signals with body language: Included In your dogs stay
  • Extra love and attention for the shy, anxious and fearful: Included in your dogs stay
  • Report card at the end of the day
  • Toy or treat at the end of your dogs stay
  • Happy, tired dog going home!

How can I enroll my dog in Doggie Daycare?

See Registration and Payment information.

You can also call 204-794-5456 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up dates and times that works best for you!