Our doggie daycare is a fun and exciting environment, well supervised, limited to 35 - 40 dogs each day care stay, with no over crowding! At the end of the day, you will receive an HONEST report card on how the day went!

For amazing fun filled daycare ACTION and PLAY pictures check out our TLC FB PAGE - head over to the THIS IS US photo album for individual head shot of our regulars at doggie daycare!

Training Loyal Companions Doggie Day Care is Pleased to Offer:

  • 5 day and 10 day passes at a discounted rate!
  • Joining the Puppy Manners Level One training class has a coupon for a FREE DAYCARE stay (** FREE DAYCARE STAY ON HOLD DURING COVID 19 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)
  • The first Wednesday of every month is SMALL DOGS ONLY under 30 lbs! HEADS UP: Most of the first Wednesday of the month doggies keep coming every Wednesday, making Wednesday in general a primary small dogs day, and may not be suite for the bigger higher energy doggie.
  • A variety of different monthly retail discounts!

Your Doggie Day Care Attendants are:

  • Extremely well educated in canine behaviors and canine communication
  • Able to halt and decrease canine conflicts before they become serious
  • Honest and trustworthy

The benefits of allowing your fur kid to attend doggie daycare are astounding. Doggie daycare not only has a positive effect on your canine friend’s physical and mental well-being, it benefits you as well. Here are the top reasons why you should enroll your dog into Training Loyal Companions Doggie Daycare.

Peace of Mind
Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to juggle the demands of home and work, and we are simply unable to enjoy as much quality time with our beloved furry friend as we would like. One of the most common reasons for dogs attending day care is because of the long hours they spend alone. This can lead to boredom, separation anxiety, and developing bad habits, like chewing prized-possessions, barking, and indoor accidents.

Quite a few dogs benefit from day care two or three times per week. You will find that this new routine adds stimulation to an otherwise bored and attentive-deprived dog. The physical, emotional, and psychological stimulation your fur baby will receive is invaluable compared to leaving him/her home alone. Doggie daycare may be the peace of mind solution you’ve been looking for.

Dogs are social animals and being able to interact with other dogs in a safe and structured environment is the most significant gift you can give your furry friend. Your dog is born knowing how to be a dog – he or she instinctually knows how to communicate with other dogs, what a play bow means, how to play, how to interpret another dog's mood, etc. Dogs desire interaction with their own species. Although we are great at giving our fur babies lots of attention and love, no matter how hard we try, we cannot replace our dogs' need for canine companionship.

Moreover, there are valuable lessons that dogs teach each other, which otherwise cannot be learned from humans. One of the biggest values in a daycare situation is the teaching of "doggie language" between dogs. It provides the perfect opportunity for your four-legged friend to get back to their roots and remember what being a dog is like. You will notice a significant difference in your dog’s behavior. Taking your fur baby to day care can help him or her stay well-socialized; socialization to dogs is like foreign language to us - if it isn't practiced it may be forgotten.

Attending a doggie daycare that emphasizes exercise and activity is vital to the longevity of our dogs. Many dogs that were originally bred for working now find themselves relegated to the monotonous cycle of sleeping, eating, looking out the window and back to sleeping and eating again. This daily routine results in weight problems and loss of crucial muscles in dogs. 

Dogs get a great deal of physical exercise at doggie daycare and even more important, their behavior often improves with the positive dog-dog socialization which occurs at daycare. Play keeps a dog's mind active and helps it remain mentally fit. Boredom leads to destructive behaviors such as chewing, licking, digging, or barking and can adversely affect a dog's obedience. Dog daycare can eliminate the problem of an isolated, bored and under-exercised dog. Many of our clients say their dogs are so happy and tired when they pick them up that they don't even want a walk that night!

In spite of all of the benefits of doggie daycare, it isn't right for every dog and more importantly, not every daycare is the same. If you are looking for daycare for your pup, take the time to visit a few facilities, take tours, and ask questions. Make sure you are comfortable with all policies and procedures before leaving your dog at any facility. There is no one kind of daycare, and it is important to find one that suits your dog's needs best.

Teaching Bite Inhibition

Every dog will be pushed to defend themselves, at some point in time in their life. Perhaps at at the veterinary office, with children or cornered by another dog. If your dog has been taught good bite inhibition, respect of jaws and teeth, they will leave minimal to no damage. When dogs have poor or no bite inhibition, there will be puncture wounds with a hospital visit or veterinary bill to pay.

Bit inhibition is best taught during the puppy phase. Dogs will use their jaws too hard on another dog, that dog will yelp making a clear statement that jaws and teeth were used too hard. This helps create a soft mouth, creating biting inhibition.

Doggie daycare is there when you need it, once a week, twice a week, once a month, twice a month. It can be taken advantage of when you need a tired dog when you are off to an event such as a Bomber Game, Winnipeg Jets Game, graduation ceremony or evening dinner party.

Our doggie daycare will be helpful to dogs who are shy, fearful and/or anxious. We will cater to their specific needs by using lots of verbal praise, minimize reactions to scary apparatuses, have lots of cozy beds and sleeping stations, kennels for feeling of security if required with blankets keeping open doors so they can come and go as they please. This daycare is specifically designed to help your shy, fearful and anxious dog come out of their shell, learn to be around and play well with other dogs, learn to be comfortable with people, open spaces and new objects.

Shy, fearful and anxious dogs sometimes do not feel comfortable with human eye contact, as they may perceive this as a threat. During your dogs stay with us, we will work on desensitizing your dog to human eye contact, so they do not think people are threatening. 

During your dogs stay we will:

  • Play games of fetch, tug with rules and seek and find.
  • Training during their stay with eye contact, sits, down and come when called, target/touch work.
  • Work on rewarding for confident behaviors such as moving forward with play behaviors, adventures of sniffing and snuggles during nap time. 
  • Other training you may need will be accomplished during your dogs stay, using positive reinforcement training techniques, treats, verbal praise and petting.

Birthday Pawty Program

Welcome to Training Loyal Companions Birthday Pawty celebration program!

It's your dogs birthday! It's time to celebrate!

Your dog will receives all kinds of special rewards on their special day!

  • Picture with our NEW amazing birthday board.
  • FREE bag of treats with a variety of flavors
  • FREE toy to play with or destroy.
  • FREE nail trim coupon.

A birthday card signed by your furiends and play mates for the day!

What if my dog is having behavior problems in daycare?

It's not uncommon for dogs to have different behavior problems such as anxiety, stress, high levels of arousal and over stimulation. TLC doggie daycare attendants are well prepared with different types of training techniques such as interrupt and redirect with touch target work, sit and down training. At times we will also try some decompressing alone time to help.

If these training techniques work, we are happy to work your dog in doggie daycare. Sometimes your dog might need extra help with a dog trainer to come to daycare with your dog for extra training or some at home private training might be beneficial.

We will keep you updated with your dogs behaviors during their stay, and make individual recommendations as needed for your dog!

Training Loyal Companions Dog Daycare and Training Facility

This amazing space offers:

-Over 3000 sqft of MAIN floor space!

Reception Area for:

  • Meet and greets
  • Daycare check ins for the day
  • Discharging tired happy fur friends
  • Double front door entrance for safety and security

Out space also offers:

  • Professional separate space for dog grooming!
  • Small dog daycare space!
  • Over 1800 sqft of indoor play area!
  • Over 800 sqft of outdoor play space!
  • Reserved parking spots directly outside the front doors during daytime hours, AND full access to the entire parking lot offering over fifty parking spots evenings and weekends!

** Half day is 5 hours or less. Full day is 5 hours or more. Drop off times Monday to Friday are 6:30AM to 10:00AM.

  • Full day pass $28.50 plus GST = $29.93
  • 5 day full day pass $132.50 plus GST = $139.13 ($26.50 per stay)
  • 10 day full day pass $265.00 plus GST = $278.25 ($26.50 per stay)
  • Monthly Unlimited Day Pass $500.00 plus GST = $525.00 ($25.00 per stay) 

Rates for Two Dogs Full Day (same household)

  • Day pass $52.00 per day plus GST = $54.60 ($26.00 each dog)
  • 5 day pass for two dogs - $235.00 plus GST = $246.75 ($23.50 each dog)
  • 10 day pass for two dogs - $470.00 plus GST = $493.50 ($23.50 each dog)

Rates for Three Dogs Full Day (same household)

  • Full day stay $73.50 plus GST = $77.18 ($24.50 each dog)

Rates for Half Day Stay (5 hours or less) - Any age of dog

  • Half day $19.00 plus GST = $19.95

Rates for Half Day Stay Passes (5 hours or less)

  • Half day 5 day pass $95.00 plus GST = $99.75 ($19.00 half day)
  • Half day 10 day pass $190.00 plus GST =$199.50 ($19.00 half day)

Power Play Time (Saturdays ONLY) - 1.5 hours of play time

** Last Saturday March 21, 2020. Will restart October 2020.

Drop off time from Saturdays 8:00 am - 11:00 am!

Rates for 1.5 hours of play $14.50 plus GST = $15.26         

Rates for Half Day Stay with Two Dogs (5 hours or less)

  • Half day two dogs $36.00 plus GST = $37.80 ($18.00 half day per dog)
  • Half day 5 day pass two dogs - $175.00 plus GST = $183.75 ($17.50 half day per dog)
  • Half day 10 day pass two dogs - $350.00 plus GST = $367.50 ($17.50 half day per dog)

Saturday Daycare Stay 

Training Loyal Companions is excited to announce Saturday daycare day starting September 14, 2019! Saturdays will be a slower dog day, perfect for less quantity of dogs or your dogs first time at daycare. Saturdays daycare stays are weather dependent and typically run through the colder months from September/October until spring of March /April. 

** Last Saturday March 21 - Saturdays will restart October 2020!

We offer power play time (1.5 hours), half day stay or full days stay.

Power Play Time

1.5 hours of power play time from 8:00 - 11:00 am

Cost is $14.50 plus GST = $15.26

Half Day Stay (5 hours or less)

Cost is $19.00 plus GST = $19.95

Full Day Stay (5 hours or more)

Cost is $28.50 plus GST  = $29.93

Late pick up fees for repeat offenders! 

  • First late pick up FREE!
  • Second late pick up FREE...we like donuts!
  • Third late pick up $5.00 for each 15 minutes per dog with donuts at pick up!

How can I enroll my dog in Doggie Daycare?

See Registration and Payment information.

You can also call 204-794-5456 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up dates and times that works best for you!