About Your Dog Trainer:

Winnipeg_dog_trainerChristie Golebiowski started her exciting dog training career in 2004, with one on one in home training.  Christie started a new adventure with group dog training classes September 2008. Christie uses positive reinforcement techniques to train dogs using treats, verbal praise, toys and petting to achieve the desires behaviors we are looking for with our canine friends.  Her training classes are fun and family orientated.  She trains dogs based on trust and communication and stressing the importance of eye contact, socialization and prevention of behavior problems.  Our canine friends have become part of our families, lets teach them the rules of the house and stop punishing them for being dogs. We chose to provide them with a good life. We provide them with shelter, food, companionship and love. In return they provide us with joy, happiness and above all loyalty.

Experience:dog trainer

Christie has many years of experience with dogs including:

  • Volunteer work for an animal hospital in 1997.
  • Animal hospital from 2001-2009. Work positions varying from veterinary assistant to receptionist.
  • Dog walker and doggie sitter for various breeds. This was done in the evening, which also included over night sleepovers for families out of town.
  • Christie has also volunteered a portion of her time to training the rescue dogs at Darcy’s Animal Rescue Shelter in 2010.

Education:Dog Trainer Education

  • Graduate with honors from the veterinary Assistant course at Robertson College in 2000
  • Graduate from Animal Behavior College Correspondence Course in Northridge, California in 2004. This course included three months of hands on training in Winnipeg. This course also provided Christie with her Dog training Certificate and ‘ABCDT’ initials after her name.
  • Graduate from the Canine Communications Studies Comprehensive Canine Behavior Therapy Course from Waterloo, Ontario.  This correspondence course was complete in 2007. This gave Christie her knowledge and certificate in Canine Aggression and Behavior Problems. Final initials of ‘Cb.ccs’ were added with her name.
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Profession Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT)
  • Member o f the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
  • Brenda Aloff Aggression and Modification Seminar December 2008
  • Helix Fairweather and Megan Cruz seminar May 2009


Christie takes pride in her two dogs Akira (Akita) and Brook-Lynn (Border Collie). Amazing dogs with complete opposite personalities! Akira is very independent and enjoys the occasional pet here and there. She loves to bury rawhides in the carpet by holding the chewie in her mouth, digging in the carpet for a few minutes, then placing in on the ground and casually walking away. There it sits plain as day for everyone to see. Akira is convinced, it is buried! Brook-Lynn needs more love and attention. Some would say she is needy! She enjoys couch cuddle time, chasing planes in the sky and her favorite, attacking the water stream from the hose!

Day Care Attendants


Laurie has spent her entire life surrounded by animals. From dogs and cats to rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and even hairless rats, Laurie finds great joy in playing, working and just "being" with them, Laurie started her 'Canine Career' with her own dogs over flyball and lure coursing. Laurie continues to update her skills by participating in various seminars and workshops.

Laurie has operated her own dog grooming business since 1994, in addition to instructing obedience, agility and puppy socialization classes. Laurie only uses gentle, positive, motivational training methods to encourage dogs to be the most they can be! Laurie has worked and volunteered for over 20 years at several animal shelters including employment as a Humane Educator and Behavior Counsellor. Laurie is also a top level judge for two Canadian Agility Organizations and had judged Local, Regional, National and Speciality competitions from coast to coast.

Laurie loves spending time with her own fur kids, four amazing Shelties names Argus, Reckless, Rogue and Ready and a Ragdoll cat, Brinston (who runs the house!). The dogs all love to play agility, chase balls, go for nature walks, learn new tricks and cuddle! They are wonderful companions and make life special every day.



Dionne has wanted to work with dogs since she got her first dog at four years of age, always knowing she could help them in some way. Since her first pet, Cuddles the Cockapoo, Dionne has lived with and loved dogs, cats, two rabbits, birds and fish. Currently, she has two dogs, Clover, a two and a half year old leonberger and Dora, a seven year old Shih Tzu (who tolerates Clover). Dionne also had two cats, Skittles and Ike (who gets into trouble - a lot!).

In 2003, Dionne began working at a local animal shelter, starting in Animal Care then becoming a Behavior Counsellor in 2006. She has done abedience training with Clover and enjoys teaching her dogs fun tricks like play dead, dance, speak and beg - although Dora will do pretty much anything for a piece of toast! Dionne has a wonderful, gentle way with dogs and uses toys amd praise to help train them.

Dionne loves to travel and has gone to the UK several times and travelled in Greece. Dionne aslo spent a month volunteering in South Africa on a Cheetah and Wild Dog Reserve, feeding, cleaning and taking care of the animals. What Dionne enjoys the most is taking long walks with her dogs at the dog park.


Dog Trainer


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Diane has spent all her life surrounded by animals, starting in Germany with horses and rabbits. She has been the proud owner of many dogs, cats and even a few hamsters over the years. Diane worked at Best West Pet Food for 15 years, the last 5 years she offered puppy classes.

Diane has always used positive training methods to get the best out of the dogs and owners in her classes. Her favorite philosophy is "If its fun, they will try".

Her favorite part of training is to see the end results after five or six weeks of training, to see the growth the dogs and owners have achieved is wonderful.

Diane is the proud owner of Orion, a Sheltie Mix, Static an Australian Cattle Dog and Blue, a Border Collie Mix. Orion and Static have played flyball, agility and disc dog sports. Blue has been training for agility and competed in his first disc trial this year. Blue will be starting flyball soon.